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Our unique, state-of-the-art scientific methods offer an unprecedented look at microbial flora residing inside our bodies.

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Help building a growing community which connects similar people worldwide. Exchange profiles, share experiences and ideas.

Media coverage

Selected media coverage on the enterotype discovery and my.microbes project:

Television coverage (mostly in German)

3SAT / Germany, 2014 Feb 13

Neues aus dem Reich der Mitte

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3SAT / Germany, 2013 Nov 10

Stimmen aus dem Bauch

Download video

WDR / Germany, 2013 Mar 12

Quarks & Co

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3SAT TV / Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Feb 2013


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2012 Nov/Dec

TV report on my.microbes project

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Spiegel TV report, Germany, 2012 Apr 14 on


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Labyrinth/the Netherlands, TV report, 2012 Jan 18

Download video 1
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TV report, made in 2012 May

A TV report about the my.microbes project.

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Radio coverage (mostly in German)

SWR2 / Germany, 2013 Sep 9


MP3,Transcript in PDF

BR2 / Germany, 2013 Jan 14

Wissenschaft und Forschung Magazin


BR2 / Germany, 2013 Jan 13

Aus Wissenschaft und Technik


Radio 1 / Belgium, 2011 Apr 21

Kunnen we binnenkort onze levensstijl aanpassen aan ons darmtype

Web link

WDR 5 / Germany, 2011 Apr 21

Das Ökosystem in unserem Darm

Web link

Deutschlandfunk / Germany, 2011 Apr 21

Menschliche Darmflora existiert in drei verschiedenen Type

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SWR2 / Germany, 2006 Mar 4

the broadcast on my.microbes


Deutschlandfunk / Germany, 2006 Mar 6

Zurück zur Wurzel

Web link, MP3

Newspapers from around the world

Stern (Germany):

Die Seele im Bauch

Article PDF

Nature (USA):

Social network wants to sequence your gut

Acting as both social network and DNA database, the website offers a place for people to share diet tips, stories and gastrointestinal woes with one another...

NY Times (USA):

Blood type, meet bug type...

The discovery of enterotypes could someday lead to medical applications of its own...

LA Times (USA):

Aside from being a technical feat, the discovery of the enterotypes might be useful for diagnosing and treating disease

National Geographic (USA):

Social Network Connects Members on a Gut Level

Now, thanks to scientists in the EU, you can find people who share your bacteria.


New social network connects people by gut flora

TF1 (France):

JT TF1 - Un "second cerveau" dans les intestins ?

French Ministry of Science (France):

La flore intestinale permet de différencier les individus

"Dans le domaine de la médecine individualisée, cette classification aidera à développer des outils de diagnostic permettant de déceler les cas où le traitement prévu ne serait pas efficace, et d'adapter ce dernier en conséquence"

La banque des savoirs (France)

Notre flore intestinale a son réseau social

"L’objectif du projet “My Microbes” : faire parler les tripes des internautes... "

Psychologie Heute (Germany):

Die Bauch-Seele-Connection

Süd Deutsche (Germany):

Möglicherweise entscheidet der Darmtyp auch darüber, wie gut ein Mensch die Nahrung verwertet oder auf Medikamente anspricht

Le Figaro (France):

La signature bactérienne de nos intestins

"La découverte des trois entérotypes humains va permettre de comparer les gens à l'intérieur de ces catégories et donc d'identifier plus rapidement les bactéries impliquées dans la prise de poids ainsi que les traitements ou les régimes nutritionnels les plus appropriés."

TIME Healthland (USA):

It's no wonder, then, that research is increasingly finding that the diversity of these microbes has important effects on health... (USA):

People are less discrete organisms than teeming symbiotic entities...

Discover Magazine (USA):

Divided by language, united by gut bacteria - people have three common gut types

The Canberra Times (Australia):

Gut bacteria play a crucial role in human health, converting food into energy, producing vitamins and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

El Pais (Spain):

La flora intestinal de los humanos se clasifica en tres grupos

"Este descubrimiento abre paso a poder modificar el abordaje de patologías como la enfermedad de Chron, la colitis ulcerosa o la diabetes"

Las bacterias del sistema digestivo, nueva huella biológica humana

"Las familias de microbios ayudan a fabricar distintas vitaminas"

Elespectador (Columbia):

La red social microbiana

"En Alemania se creó una comunidad virtual llamada My Microbes, que busca comprender las enfermedades que aquejan a los internautas."

Telegrafo (Ecuador):

Metagenómica y microbioma

"los microorganismos coadyuvan para mantener el equilibrio y la dinámica ambiental"

Latest News

Participant costs lowered

In line with the reduction of the overall sequencing costs, my.microbes study participation cost has been reduced to 500 EUR.

Another reduction in the participant costs

With the further expansion of our sequencing capacity and partial automation of our DNA extraction pipeline, my.microbes study participation cost has been further reduced to 550 EUR.

Study expanded

We have released an updated participant information package, which details various study expansions that will be implemented in the near future. In addition, my.microbes study participation cost has been further reduced to a minimum of 800 EUR.


People can be classified into one of three gut microbial types called enterotypes. Read more...

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