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Join an exciting scientific study and help exploring the ecosystems living within us.

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Our unique, state-of-the-art scientific methods offer an unprecedented look at microbial flora residing inside our bodies.

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EMBL is an intergovernmental organisation having legal personality, established by the Agreement establishing the European Molecular Biology Laboratory concluded at Geneva on 10 May 1973, registered with UN-Treaty Series Volume 954, Nr. I-13668, and is legally represented by the Director General Prof. Dr. Iain W. Mattaj, FRS.

Latest News

Participant costs lowered

In line with the reduction of the overall sequencing costs, my.microbes study participation cost has been reduced to 500 EUR.

Another reduction in the participant costs

With the further expansion of our sequencing capacity and partial automation of our DNA extraction pipeline, my.microbes study participation cost has been further reduced to 550 EUR.

Study expanded

We have released an updated participant information package, which details various study expansions that will be implemented in the near future. In addition, my.microbes study participation cost has been further reduced to a minimum of 800 EUR.


People can be classified into one of three gut microbial types called enterotypes. Read more...

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